Winter is coming, it is colder and colder. Choosing winter clothes for kids can be a difficult thing for mothers. How to choose kid clothes which are beautiful, warm and convenient for children? In this article, I will share you some experience in choosing winter clothes for kids. Please read and discover more useful information!

Determining your child’s correct size

When choosing winter clothes for children, you need to determine which child’s correct size is. Many mothers think that a size larger is should be chosen because children can wear clothes again next year. However, winter clothes that are too big can be uncomfortable to wear and hinder kid’s activities. Therefore, you should choose kid clothes that are snug but not too tight. The sleeves should cover the wrists. Your child should have enough room to wear a sweater and other winter clothing underneath.


Because kid always has a different growth rate, you need to base on the weight and height of children to choose the right size for kid winter clothes.

Choosing materials for winter clothes

Choosing materials for children clothes in winter may be difficult for many parents. In winter, baby needs clothes which can keep warm but still be breathable. Children are so active, they run and jump all days, so they still sweat even in the cold weather. Therefore, you need to wear for them clothes which are lightweight and can absorb sweat well to avoid getting cold. Stay away from clothes which are too stiff because they will make baby discomfort and can hurt children’s sensitive skin.

Cotton and cotton organic are good choices for mothers because they are breathable, soft again baby’s skin and can keep the baby warm.

I have shared with you two first tips in selecting winter clothes for the kid. Let wait and read the next part to discover more useful tips!

Thanks for your attention!