When having the first baby, mothers should put a plan of selecting the first on their mind. When you select baby’s apparels, your baby’s comfort should be put in your mind first. If your baby feels comfortable and secure, you will not have to concern about if clothes are pink or blue, purchased or inherited.

A full selection of first is available today, and you may be tempted to buy unexpected kid outfits on the market. is the right place that brings high quality clothing for your baby. And the final decision is still up to your family needs, income, life style, and available time. In general, there are three keys in choosing baby’s clothes.


Soft, lightweight fabrics are best for first . However not all fabrics are comfortable. A fabric is good if it has “breathability” so baby body moisture can evaporate and it is more important than in summer months when baby will be uncomfortable and perhaps have red rash if perspiration cannot evaporate. Basing on that request, Babeeni uses mostly cotton fabric because it is an absorbent, breathable fiber. Baby will feel comfortable in Babeeni ‘s made by cotton or blends with a high percentage of cotton. In nylon or polyester/cotton blends, the cotton helps provide absorbency and breathability. Knit fabrics are also a good choice for . Good quality knits usually retain their shape, do not shrink, and do not need ironing. Care for information on labels. Infant clothes should be machine washable in hot water. Dryer drying may cause shrinkage of some untreated cotton knits.


Comfortable fit for quickly infant growth is in the design of best baby sets- not by buying it several sizes too large. In , simplicity is usually along with good design. Avoid that has drawstrings, tight bands or cuffs; tight elastic that goes all the way around arms, legs, or body; and exposed zippers near the neckline.



Baby’s sizes vary from one brand to another, but labels may indicate the certain weight and height. There is no standard sizing in the children’s clothes. You should base on nude height and weight as well as numerous other measurements when buying for a new baby.  These are the three main matters in choosing for the first baby. If you want to have other knowledge about baby clothes, please keep updating with Babeeni’s blog.