Unique Christening Clothes Baby Boy

When a son’ Christening event is coming near, every parent may wonder what their little boy should wear. Most parents have no problem to find the amazing and gorgeous dress to their girl. But when it comes to  Christening clothes Baby Boy; they could have a hard time to choose the “right things”

Depend on the family tradition, cultures and denominations, some people still stay with the white traditional Christening clothes Baby Boy which are not too girly, and by that way, children can keep their clothes for their life. My little son had worn a white traditional gown baptism to Church on Sundays.

After the event, they were cleared and put on the glory box. A lovely memento of the day, don’t you think!!

However, there are a wide variety of types of modern Christening clothes Baby Boy such as a boys’ romper or suit. Some of my friends had chosen Navy linen pants with a matching vest and a white linen shirt underneath with the matching accessories for their little son’ Christening. Within these categories, there are a variety of types of christening outfits, including modern tuxedo and romper for boys or a traditional christening gowns and bonnet.


Rompers are available in various colors but the most common color for all Christening clothes Baby Boy is white, off-white, beige, or a cream color. Soft cotton Christening Blankets, Bibs, and Sweaters are perfect accessories to have on hand and keep your baby boy warm and comfortable.

The clothes also are decorated with special accouterments like pearl buttons, collar, or embroidery or embellishment on the top which make their son great when taking photos. Cotton, satin, or silk are popular fabric material used to made boy’s christening rompers. Some rompers or jumpsuit come together with a hat and matching shoes.

Rompers or jumpers are most popular Christening Outfits for boys. A christening romper or jumper set is a one-piece outfit which covers the child’s arm and leg. A jumpsuit can be wear before going to the church and after the ceremony as well as during the photo taken period.

Tuxedos and Suit Sets

Tuxedos and suit sets are the best options when choosing christening clothes for boys. Little boys look so cute and adorable in the little tuxedos on their Christening day. Christening tuxedo ranges from a simple tuxedo to a hand crafted one in a variety of premium materials. Tuxedo Christening can be a three-piece set with pants, a shirt, or complicated set, even a five-piece outfit – extra a jacket and bow tie.

A tuxedo set sometimes comes along a hat as well and matching slippers. It comes in many colors, besides common colors like ivory, cream, or white.  They are offered in other colors, too, such as purple, brown, blue, or red. When choosing tuxedo sets for baby, you can consider selecting a jacket which you can buy separately to make baby more adorable.

For baby boys, there are elegant formal rompers, one-piece suits which are designed to look like tuxedos but without all the fuss of actually wearing one.

Christening Gowns

When a baby is expected to dress in a “come as you are” manner, a traditional Christening gown which made of polyester, cotton, a blend of both, or a more decadent material such as silk or satin is the best fit. Sometimes, it is decorated by hand smocking, embroidery details, and lace or ribbon.

Source: christeninggowns.com

We did not any original christening gown when our little son was around 3 months, so we had to look for the shop that specializes in christening wear. We had bought a very simple but beautiful gown, made from cotton material. It has a thin blue ribbon thread through the bodice that could change to pink or another color.

For boys, christening gowns may be less embellished than the ones for girls, but they still offer some small details and a matching bonnet. The christening gown would become a family heirloom that passes from generation to generations. However, it is not recommended to outfit your baby boy with traditional christening gowns if your baby boy is older than two years. He looks too girly and may be shy when taking pictures.

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