The 4 best ways to mix smocked attires with Greek key pattern for babies


One of the suitable times to dress smocked attires with Greek key pattern on children is this time – fall-winter. However, to avoid making them become glaring, mothers should consider the best basic ways to combine Greek key garbs for their kids.

Choosing homologous colors


When you choose a Greek key smocked garment, you should consider the similarity about color between Greek key pattern and the subsidiary pattern. You can start with the tog that consists of basic colors in patterns, for instance, white or black.

You can also try with patterns that have 2 to 3 colors. This is very simple. It cannot be more beautiful for little girls to wear Greek key dresses with homologous colors on fall days.

You can mix this type of dresses with jacket, blazer or cardigan to keep your daughter warm. This simple way can make her outstanding enough and full of energy.


Using accessories to combine Greek key smocked garbs

Your ideal supporter in helping your kid to be attractive can be types of baby accessories. Backpack, handbag, sneakers, doll shoes, earrings or scarf can be a highlight of his or her style.


Choosing patterns based on body

Don’t dissemble smocked clothing with bright color and big Greek key pattern if your angel’s body looks a little thin! To defraud appearance for him or her, you can select clothes with forms which are a little wide.

The Greek key apparels will attract everyone and become super special when you generate a combination of eye-catching color and huge pattern on oversize smocked apparel.

In contrast, chubby children are appropriate to the mix of smocked attires with small patterns on the Greek key background.


The combination of garments


When you mix a simple white T-shirt with Greek key pants and sneakers or oxford shoes for your angel, the set will become much more interesting.

You can select suits which are designed on outstanding Greek key background for your baby if he or she likes experiencing new ways of mixing kinds of smocked togs.

Nowadays, “pattern” is one of the representative fashion keywords. The advantage of the pattern is always helping wearers to have the impressive prominence. Nevertheless, if you abuse much or don’t know how to subtly combine togs with types of patterns, it will be like a 2-blade knife.

To create the nicest mix of smocked Greek key attires for your child, you need to understand the 4 basic ways above.

Thanks for reading!