children clothing

Choosing children clothing is obviously different from choosing wearing items for adults due to various reasons. Differences in baby skin nature, underdeveloped respiratory system and so on are among the various of factors that should be taken into consideration in the selection of safe and comfortable clothing products for children. Let’s read the article to know how to choose perfect clothing for children!

Give priority to safety and comfort 

Without doubt, baby’s skin is vulnerable and highly sensitive which could be seriously affected and allergic out of chemical composition in fabrics, such as industrial colors, etc. Therefore, parents should be very careful in choosing children clothing that state clearly about safety certificate and quality standards of fabrics. Regarding the type of fabrics, cotton and polyester could be a good type for children for their prominent characteristics of softy, safety and machine wash friendliness. Soft fine wale corduroy, high quality, versatile flannel and minky are also great options for our babies.

children clothing
Safety and Comfort come first when choosing clothing for children

Focus on simplicity

Simple without complicated embellishments is always a wise choice for any children clothing item since these embellishments can cause choking if your child swallows them. As a result, if you buy children clothing items with small embellishments such as snap, buttons, beads or lace, check these embellishments to make sure that they are not loosen and tightly attached to the fabric.

children clothing
Simple but no less beautiful

Choose pant with elastic waists

It is recommended that you should choose pants with stretchy elastic waists instead of buttons or drawstrings. This is because children often get trouble with buttons, zipper or drawstrings (some kids can’t dress themselves or they need a lot of time to deal with these items). If you are the person who dresses your kids every day, it will be a trouble when you change diaper.

children clothing
Choosing pants with elastic waists for safety and comfort criteria

The size-age on the label is just only a suggestion

With the same age, each baby has different weight and height. Many manufacturers produce based on age and it may be not accurate. For example, your baby possibly is a chunky newborn and need to go up a size. The best way to choose the right size is to take your kids to the store and let them try the you want to buy.

Choosing children clothing requires time and effort. I believe that with the eternity love given to children, parents can choose clothing items that are safe and comfortable for their sweeties!