A story to tell kids on Thanksgiving holiday:

A little boy Dandy is naughty and always ignore what his parents taught. One winter day , he went together with his father to house farm. He saw his father protected pumpkins with clothes of straw against the chill. Sheep and turkeys were also raised in cages covered warm.  While his father is away, Dandy made a mess to push the farm animals outside.  And he also break pumpkin out of straw coat.

Thanksgiving holiday came, his father was sad after backing from the farm and failing to harvest. Pumpkins got too cold to grow big. Turkeys got too weak to serve for a meal and the sheep got too sick to supply materials to clothes. His father angry much with Dandy. They had nothing for Thanksgiving feast. His mother was calm, she took all what is available to make a little meal.

Front of the food table, Dandy was then hungry but the mom did not allow him to eat until he can say: Thanks for what he receives..”.  So, Dandy said: “Thanks for Pumpkins!” and took a pumpkins pie to mouth. He ate a piece of turkey and say: “Thanks for Turkey, dear!” He feel it was the best tasty Thanksgiving feast that he enjoyed though the feast is not big. Since then, Dandy gives up bad hobbies and always say: Thanks to all. In a winter morning, he wore a nice longall that was made by his mom, he said: “Thanks to mommy so much!” And he also said thanks every time when he dresses it again.

It could be a memorable Thanksgiving holiday.

Now let’s go to Babeeni to get kids dressed in Thanksgiving clothing and teach them to say thanks at the same time:

Pumpkin carts hand smocked little girl dress – BB2177

Feature: Little girl smocked bishop with pumpkin carts hand smocked patterns around the neck, puff sleeves, zig zag at the hem.

Fabric: Blue gingham

Thanksgiving pumpkin mint check smocked boy set – BB1664

Feature: Nice clothing set for little boy with pumpkin hand embroidery patterns smocked on the bodice. Shirt with short sleeves goes with long pants.

Fabric: white plain + mint check fabric

Thanksgiving lattice printed dress with pumpkin smock – BB1661

Feature: Nice dress in bishop style for little girl with pumpkin and geometric pattern smocked on the neck, short sleeves. Orange hemline makes the dress t stand out.

Turkeys embroidery boy bubble – BB1333

Feature: Cute boys romper for Thanksgiving occasion with turkeys embroidery on large white bib, side tabs, crotch snap

Fabric: Orange greek key pattern

Turkey embroidered short bubble – BB1321

Feature: Lovely short bubble for baby girls with Turkey shadow embroidery pattern on the round neck, crotch snaps.

Fabric: Orange lattice fabric