Wearing hand smocked dress on Halloween occasion is usually the first choice for baby girls. But how to choose the suitable dress and safe accessory always makes parents confused. Today, I will continue share some tips to choose right Halloween smocked dress. Let’s get started!

tips for choosing halloween smocked dress
Cute Halloween smocked dress for your princess.

Always choose comfortable smocked dresses

It is unhappy to find kids uncomfortable in their costumes. Therefore, choosing a comfortable smocked dress is a priority. It also means that you should choose right size and good fabric material.

Choosing right size is different from choosing size by age. Each child has her own growing process, so in the same age, kids have different heights and weights. Thus, mother should choose children smocked dress with the correct height and weight parameters. Smocked dress should not be tight at neck or sleeves but it also should not too loose since it may be cumbersome and hinder child’s movement. When trying the Halloween smocked dress, mother let your child raise her hand and walk for a while to check if the dress fits her or not.

beautiful and comfortable halloween dress for baby girl
Choosing a comfortable dress is very important for the good of babies

It is also a big deficiency if you forget to check fabric material. Immune system and children skin are vulnerable and are easy to get allergies from unsafe materials. The fabric for baby girl dress derived from nature is the best. Since it is soft, nontoxic and good absorbent, baby girl will feel comfortable. Some of the natural fabrics that you should consider are cotton, linen, silk… Nowadays, fabric for Halloween comes into many styles, such as denim, corduroy, cotton, knit, quatrefoil, chevron, polka dot, plain, gingham.

Accessory should also be safe for baby girl

Apart from flame resistant, mother should consider about safe and simple accessories. Attached accessories may be some kinds of mask, necklace, ring, bracelet…However, there are still various elements that should be considered thoroughly when choosing accessories for your little angel. Some necklaces or bracelets should be matched with Halloween smocked dress and should not contain small details since it can cause choking hazard when your kid swallows by accident. Additionally, with some hats, crowns and masks, mother should select fit and safe items first. A perfect Halloween costume for baby girl should be best with a nontoxic mask which cannot obstruct children’s vision and let her breathe easily.

exquisite and safe accessories for girls
Aren’t these cute? They will look even more beautiful on your little girls!

That is all I want to share with you about choosing Halloween smocked dress for baby girl. Hope these experiences will be helpful!

Thank you for reading!