smocked dress

When you want to make a smocked dress for your little girls, you purchase fabric that is pleasing to you and put in several hours of careful craftsmanship, you are sure to produce a well-made dress. You should do follow below instructions:

Step 1: Appropriate fabrics come in every imaginable color

Read the instruction sheet and the yardage information before purchasing fabric and notions. For a beginning plan, use a medium-weight cotton or linen blend in a solid color or all-over pattern. Purchase color-coordinated thread and a zipper, and buy a small amount of fusible interfacing.

smocked dress

Step 3: Cutting your fabric with pinking shears and your seam allowances will not ravel

Remove the pattern from its envelope and unfold the sheets of tissue that contain multiple pattern parts. Cut the pieces apart. Select only the pieces that are needed for your baby dress. For a simple sheath smocked dress, look for the dress front, dress back and the armhole- and neck-facing pieces.

Spread the fabric out on a large work surface. Follow the pattern placement directions provided in the instructions. The dress front is cut on the fold, so fold the fabric lengthwise with the printed (right) sides and selvages together.

smocked dress

Step 4: Cutting out each pattern piece as directed.

Use the facing pattern pieces to cut out the interfacing pieces. Choosing a suitable smocked pattern and sewing on dress. Following product instructions, apply the interfacing to the wrong side of the facings with a hot iron.

Step 5: Each dress has well-placed darts that cause the garment to hug the body.

smocked dress

Step 6: Let a friend help you mark the hem for smocked dress.

Clip carefully at the waist curve and then press the side seams toward the back of the garment. Turn the armhole facings back and anchor to the shoulder and side seams. Try the smocked dress on and have someone help you mark the hem. Fold, stitch and press the hem. Give the dress a final press.

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