At a small town, there is an orphan girl Anna whose appearance is not nice. Everyone does not love her though she is quite helpful. A day when Anna came in the forest to pick up mushroom, she saw a injured rabbit. She brought home the poor bunny and find ways to cure. Nobody helped Anna to cure the rabbit. She had to accept to work 12 hours per day for a month so as to get salary in advance. She spent this money to buy medicines for treating the bunny. Eventually, the bunny got better. Both lived together happily. One day, the bunny wanted to back the forest and gave the little girl a bucket of chocolate eggs. She told Anna that she will get beautiful dresses in coming Easter when Anna eat these eggs. Anna followed and become totally beautiful while she wear the dresses. Then everyone love her because of her kind heart not only her appearance.

Now let’s follow the Babeeni Bunny to bring little children the most beautiful clothing in Easter season:

Nice piped chest bunny smocked dress for little girl – DR 2434 

Feature: Nice blue piped chest smocked dress with bunny hiding after grass hand smocked patterns, short sleeves.

Material: Blue plain

Technic: Hand smocked

Beautiful egg basket smocked dress – DR 2435

Feature: Beautiful piped chest dress with egg basket hand smocked patterns at the piped chest, short sleeves.
Material: Rose pink with tiny white dots
Technic: Hand smocked
Exquisite embroidered white tulip bubble – DR 2432
Feature: Pretty little girl bubble with exquisite tulip machine embroidered patterns on tulip collar.
Material: White plain
Gorgeous Easter cross and monogram tulip dress – DR 2431 
Feature: Gorgeous tulip dress for little girl with Easter cross and monogram patterns on tulip collar, sleeveless.
Material: Pink plain
Beautiful lamb shadow embroidered dress – DR 2428
Feature: Beautiful little girl dress with little lamb shadow embroidered patterns on unique square collar.
Material: White plain + Pink gingham
Cute Easter bunny hand smocked bishop dress – DR 2423
Feature: Cute smocked bishop dress for little girl on Easter with colored bunny hand smocked patterns around the neck, short sleeves, back buttons.  Material: Multi color oval printed fabric