The time when you open the wardrobe of your little girl and realize that she has outgrown for every item of clothing from the last season. Yes! she is sprouting before your eyes and suddenly, you come up with an idea to make some quick, simple and easier-than-home-economic-class dresses to add to her wardrobe, as a special gift sewn withlove and care of a mother. What should you choose to make? Today, Easter Smocked Dress will show you how Cami made gorgegous dresses from pre-smocked fabric in less than an hour for her sweet daughter!

smocked dresses for girls

These adorable dresses could be made in just 4 easy-peasy steps! Can you believe? Let’s get started!

Materials Needed: 

  • Sewing essentials: sewing machine, thread, scissors.
  • Pre-smocked fabirc
    The fabric should be large enough to wrap around the body snuggy and some for te straps. Remember to measure your child before running to the fabric store!
    If you are making straps for your dress, an extra of 1/4 of a yard is recommended


DIY smocked dress

  • Turn your fabric reverse side out and wrap it around the body. After that, pin where you feel is the best place for her back seam (only on the smocked portion)
  • If you want to mix-and-match the dress with an undershirt, remember to fit them with the undershirt as well.


Lay the fabric on a flat surface, with the pins still intact


Cut the smocked portion in a straight line down, adding 1/2 inch from the edge of the pins – for your seam allowance

Fold your fabric to match the other side and trace a line with the curve, then, cut the bottom portion of the dress


At this point your fabric should still be wrong sides out. First, open up the dress and fold it so right sides are facing out and match the edges up evenly.  Pin securely in place all the way down this edge where you will create your back seam.

Stitch 1/4 of an inch away from the edge all the way down


Then trim the edge you just sewed closed, to 1/8 of an inch away from the stitches

Now, turn the dress so the wrong sides are facing out, and press it so the back seam is folded to the very edge.  Stitch again, 1/4 inch away from the edge

This encases those raw edges inside the seam, and no one will ever see them!  Press the seam so it lays nice and flat


To make the straps tying on the shoulder, you will need 4 trips of fabric, each of which measuring 2×16 inches


Open the strip back up, and fold both of the long edges in to meet the center fold.  Press again to stabilize these folds

Stitch those folded edges together along the long edge with the open fold, about 1/8 inch away from the edge

Finally, sew the straps down with the right side of the dress facing out.  Follow the lines of the smocking, so the stitches are hardly noticeable.  To add extra support, stitch the strap twice following 2 of the smocked stitches down


Now, enjoy the sweet fruit of your effort! Your little girls will surely love it!

smock clothing for girl

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