Smocked dresses come in various styles and offer little girls many choices. In the last post, I shared tips in choosing suitable smocking dresses which are suitable with thin and chunky baby girls. To let all mothers know how to pick up smocked dress for other body forms of their daughters, please continue following this part, I’ll suggest more now!

Choosing smocked dresses for short girls

Cinderella Mouse hand smocked dress

The first thing mothers should remember is that never choose too long or wide smocked dresses because these styles might make your daughters look shorter. It is ideal to select smocking dresses with the length over the knee. However, to improve kid’s height with a dress, mother should choose smocked dresses with pressing points at the waist. This option might help little girl taller a bit.

Furthermore, smocked patterns are the highlight of beautiful smocking dresses; hence, there are no reasons for mother to deny cute dresses with outstanding smocked vignettes. And your short babies will stand out by exquisite smocked patterns on the chest, bodice or around the neck without seeing their short legs. Additionally, moms can also choose adorable smocking dresses with ruffles to make kids more graceful and improve their height.

Choosing smocked dresses for black skin girls

White skin girls can easily wear royal colors while baby girls with tawny complexion are difficult to choose colors. Thus, if mothers do not select skillfully, baby girls may look blacker. A good guideline is that no matter what styles and how colors are, make sure that babies should be clean, so they will look brighter.

smocked bishop plaid dress

For little girls who have this skin type, mothers shouldn’t choose too bright colors because they will reflect your babies’ skin. It is best to choose neutral colors such as pink, yellow, cream or blue. These colors will harmonize with your baby’s skin. Cute smocked dresses with these colors are not too outstanding to reveal dark skin color, but bright enough to improve complexion.

In short, to maximize the beauty of smocked dresses as well as baby’s skin, let’s choose dresses with simple designs and harmonious colors.

I have suggested more tips in choosing beautiful smocked dresses for little girls who are short and have tawny complexion. Hope my sharing will help you a bit in choosing suitable dresses for your daughters though they are short, thin or chubby.

Thanks for reading!