Smocked dresses are the first option of mothers who have little girls. However, choosing a smocked dress which not only makes your daughters comfortable but helps them look adorable as well is not easy. So, in this blog, I’d like to share some tips to select suitable dresses for your baby girls. Let’s read now!

Choosing smocked dress for thin girls

pink girl geometric smocked dress

For baby girls who are slim and thin, mothers should choose smocked dresses with ruffles or big flower patterns. Ruffles at hem combined with bobbing patterns and bright colors will make your daughters a bit chunkier. In this case, smocked sundress will be a suitable choice for all moms. Of course, in this style; your babies look more lissome and graceful.

A basic tip mothers should keep in mind that never choose too molded and tight smocking dresses because these styles will make your little girls look much thinner and smaller.

Also, some kinds of fabric which are recommended for slim babies such as denim, khaki with well elastic ability mothers can choose. These kinds of fabric create robustness and activeness, and your baby girls will be little thinner in smocking dresses with those suggestion fabrics.

Choosing smocked dress for chubby girls

Yoke smocked dress with poodle and Eiffel pattern

For chubby babies, loose styles of smocking dress will be a wise suggestion for moms. Besides, mothers should choose lovely smocked dresses with simple patterns on such as geometries and sparse floral.

Furthermore, chubby kids often have hotter organism than others, so it is ideal if moms choose fabrics which are soft and well sweat absorbent so that they can always feel comfortable in their activities. Additionally, gingham and plaid fabrics are suggested to pick up since they make our daughters look more adorable and cover folds on the belly effectively.

As we know, smocked patterns are the highlight of beautiful smocked dresses. Especially, for chubby girls, outstanding smocked patterns should be chosen to attract others at the first sight instead of paying attention to other details. And deep colors like black, purple, brown or grey are the best idea for this choice.

To summarize, I have just suggested tips in choosing cute smocked dresses which are suitable with baby girls who are thin and chubby. If you care for this topic, please wait for the next post, I’ll share tips for more girl’s characteristics.

Thanks for your concern!