Most of you as parents may agree that the choice of children clothing is not a simple task. There seems to be dozens of criteria that need taking into consideration regarding the general health of children as well as other priorities such as comfort, easy-wearing and durability, etc. All of these could probably do your head and can drive you to a deadlock. Don’t worry! Read this article and you would find a relief from it!

Fabric type

As a rule, when choosing fabrics for children clothing, parents should avoid synthetic ones due to their high chemical content which could lead to serious allergy for children. As your children’s skin is very sensitive, natural fabric such as cotton, silk and wool should be given priority. For toddler, organically grown natural fabric would be the best bet.

children clothing

Fabric durability

Children clothing needs to be washed more frequently than adult ones because of their rough use. Obviously, children are so energetic that they love playing, running or crawling on the ground and seem never pay attention to their clothing state. As a result, repetitious washing requires you to choose fabrics that can withstand fading and stay durable. Choosing fabrics of which base colors and print colors are the same could be a good idea. On the other hand, fabrics such as elastic and knit tend to be highly durable since they can be stretched out, which is also perfect for children’s fast growing.

children clothing

Fabric weight

Despite looking quite comfortable, some fabrics tend to be heavier than others. During winter time, an ideal fabric type is the one that can keep your children warm and bring comfort at the same time. Therefore, a quilted coat seems to be better than a tweed one. In addition, soft fine wale corduroy, versatile terry cloth, cozy polyester fleece and minky are also a good choice of children clothing thanks to their softness and warmth-keeping ability.

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Apply these tips when selecting fabric for children clothing and I am sure they are going to feel comfortable and relaxed, meaning you will too!