A story to be told to baby before sleeping to prepare for a tomorrow going-to-school day:

A baby Lucas was lazy to go to school. His mom felt tired when waking up him in early morning. She didn’t know what motivates him to get studying passion.

The mother went to a children clothing boutique and bought many apparels for Lucas to go-to-school. She hang those clothes in his room with wish to make him excited about studying. But Danny ignored them.

One night, he had a dream that he was lying under an apple tree, he climbed and tried to pick up an apple but in vain. A bookworm from a high branch said to him:

“If you want to get theses apples, you need find out letters hidden on leaves A-P-P-L-E. Follow me to join a game. And Danny was attracted by the interesting game and the wise bookworm taught him how to pick apples excellently. After the end of the game, the bookworm said goodbye to him, took a school bus to came back home. Then, Danny woke up in early morning. He want to go to school to meet bookworm again. And he chose to wear a clothing set with smocked bookworm motifs. His studying passion and love towards books get started since then.

Back to school applique dress – BB1425

Feature: Pretty dress for little girl on back to school season with school applique pattern, short sleeves, back buttons.

Bookworm smocked boy shortall – BB1434

Feature: Nice shortall for little boy on back to school day featured with handmade smocked patterns, shoulder buttons, crotch snaps.

Adorable gingham smocked boy shortall – BB1432

Feature: Gingham smocked shortall for schoolboy with smocked pleats on the bodice, shoulder straps, snap at crotch

School bus hand smocked girl dress – BB1435

Feature: Pretty dress for little girl on back to school season with school bus hand smocked patterns on the bodice, puff sleeves.

Lovely school bus boy shortall – BB1436

Feature: Toddler boy clothing for back to school occasion with school bus smocked pattern, shoulder buttons and snap at crotch for easy dressing

Fabric: Red windowpane fabric + red pique plain